Sunday, February 26, 2006

Today I put the code in for feeding the dog. you buy dogfood whenever you like, and you get maybe 8 daysworth with each purchase. the dog will bark and grow hungry once you run out, and eventually leave. I think thats better than just deducting the cost automatically. Maybe you can buy dog toys and chewy bones etc to reward him for catching thieves?
Anyway, I'm thinking of adding commuting, so some jobs are further away than others. If your getting there by public transport it will stress you, but buying a bike/car will reduce that (albeit at great cost financially).
Im flailing a bit, design-wise, and I know it. I think I need to really expand on an area of the game, maybe the skills side, maybe the socialising side. Possibly expanding the socialising into a discussion-topic related minigame of some sort, maybe just vastly increasing the skills side.
The problem with this game is that it feels like designing it is like answering the question to the meaning of life. Its so much easier to write a game where you blow stuff to bits. I'd like the game to be really uniqie, and also really big. What I want is for whenever the player thinks "I wonder if you can do 'X'" The answer is always "holy crap, yes you can! thats so cool".
I really need milo to be able to get drunk or take drugs. At least. Maybe he can smoke? get obese.
ho hum.

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