Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Ideas
Might as well jot these here. Feedback most welcome...
Once you have a pet, rather than its upkeep costs being deducted each day automatically, I'm going to make you buy petfood, and you need to feed the dog every day. (just a mouseclick).
Feed him too much and hell be too fat to catch burglars, and will need vets bills. Dont feed him enough, and he will leave home, and youll lose kudos big time.
Doing charitable acts will earn kudos. Adopting a pet from a dog pound, running a charity marathon, helping out at a charity jumble sale etc. To this extent, kudos is like Karma.
Hmmmmm. Maybe Kudos SHOULD be karma?
I bet somewhere theres a game designer that knows what hes doing. But there again, Will Wright was doing an architecture program when he started the sims...

I fixed a lightswitch in a cooker hood yesterday. That might not sound as cool as curing a fatal disease, but it sure was bloody awkward.

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