Saturday, February 11, 2006

Goodbye to For a long time I had my websites forums hosted remotely for free at This freed me up from having to worry about the site being hacked. phpbb is the forum software and its often hacked if you don't update it.
The problem was, forumer started to suck badly. The site would be down for hours, regularly, and the support forums had the owners saying "tough, if you don't like it, good riddance".
Not exactly the best customer service strategy I could imagine.
So today I took the big step and moved. I now have the phbb installation back at my server, and joined the phbb mailing list so I can upgrade as soon as required.
The really BAD news is that forumer wont give you the posting database, so my forums are now empty again. However, I'm sure I'll build up a good community again (it was going well beforehand) and now its my own local install, I'll give it more attention. I already added some avatars from the milo portraits.
I'm hoping to add tons of content to milo in the coming week, I think I know what to code next, which makes a pleasant change.

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