Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm too sick to work and my dog has gone missing
This could happen to YOU! forget the short-lived excitement of laser-battles and building mighty empires, this is what the future of games is.
Milo can now fall ill. He will be ill if he spends too much time with friends round at his place (causing a mess) without ever cleaning up. Also, having a dog or cat makes things messier, he will need to clean more often,
When Milo's ill, his friends shun him, and he can't work. Sick pay handles the bills (but not pet food) so he will run out of cash quickly. Cleaning the house will mean he will get better quicker.
If he runs out of money for pet food, the pets will leave, never to return.... *
Milo will cough when he is ill, and snore when he is tired. Theres still no 3D, but you get the idea. In a perfect world, I'd use pixel shaders to make the screen fuzzy when he's drunk...
I'm really enjoying coding silly stuff like this.

*maybe one thing he could do is put up "have you seen this dog" posters. Man...I could code this till I'm 60.

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