Friday, February 17, 2006

Movies Progress and Screenshots
I did the movies stuff for Kudos today. There are currently 36 different films, 3 are on each week, and they change on a friday. You hear rumors from people about which films are good and bad, and if you remember them, you'll choose to invite friends to good ones. Right now, you cannot see the same film twice, which I think is fair (its a bit of an exploit otherwise, as you can go several times with different groups).
The big thing I need to fix is working out what happens to stuff like restaurants, Movies etc (where additional choices are made) when the player is not the host and his friends invite him. That's a bit of a challenge.
I tarted up and added some new screenshots. I'm going to start promoting the game earlier than I did Democracy, so by the time I release it there should be some 'Buzz' (by pathetic indie standards) about the title.
Democracy sales are reasonable, but not stellar, especially considering my recent advertising blitz. I'm going to lay off the ads for a while.

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