Monday, February 13, 2006

Self-Imposed Milestone
I'm telling myself that by the end of the week, there will be enough progress on Kudos that I can update the website for it properly with multiple screenshots (maybe not full size ones, but bigger than current), and send out a few press releases to announce that it's in development.
I panicked slightly yesterday when I heard that Microsoft had a patent on using 'kudos' in a game. Obviously such a patent is stupid beyond measure, it's like patenting the idea of a villain with a scar in a thriller, or the idea of a suave secret agent.
I sat and read the whole patent (YAWN), and I'm fine, as its specifically about it's usage in racing games, where the player has set his own subjective goals tor each the next level yada yada. It's nothing like I'll be using kudos (which is more like a traditional points system).
I did a lot of work on restaurants today, giving them a custom 'post-mortem' GUI so you can see how a meal went. I haven't got the idea of restaurants being better on certain days in yet, but at least now when you decide to take people out for a pizza, the games says "Which restaurant" and it DOES matter which one you pick. (albeit right now, its mainly a financial choice, eventually the player will get to hear about what restaurants are good and bad).

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