Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Democracy & Tobin
I uploaded a new version (just full version) of Democracy earlier. still need to do the RegNow and Plimus uploads. It fixes a bug, some minor slowdowns, and it adds a 'mid-term elections' feature to the American level. Basically you can lose control of the senate or house of representatives which slows down new policies.

Tobin is back at the RSPCA. We tried very slowly to introduce him to jadzia over the last month, but they never got on. twice when we failed to intervene in time they ended up in horrible screaming clawing fights, with fur and cat crap flying everywhere.
It became clear on Sunday that Tobin won't share the house with another cat, and Jadzia is terrified.
It's pretty sad news, but I took him back to the rescue center we got him from today. Looks like Jadzia will remain our only cat.

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