Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Workplaces and careers
I rewrote a lot of the career code for Milo today. Previously he would pick a career (such as 'waiter') and it would randomly generate a name for his employer. I've redone things now so that there are distinct employers, each of whom pay different rates, and make him work more or less hard (causing him to be stressed and tired). So Milo could now decide to stay as a waiter but look for a job at a less stressfull (or better paid) restaurant. Another key change today was that job hunting now only shows the current vacancies (which change periodically) and takes up a whole evening. So if milo decides to look for a job tonight, that means he wont be going out for a drink with friends. This is cool, because if Milo really wants a better job, he needs to sacrifice part of his all important social life in order to find a good one. On the other hand, if his friends are all opera lovers and milo can't afford the tickets, he will need more money.

I also added snow effects to the game yesterday. It snows now and then, and the GUI has snowflakes falling down the screen. It's a pointless silly little effect, but it was quick to do and I love stuff like that. There will be a lot more stuff like that added to the game. It already feels like a pretty unique game.

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