Friday, February 10, 2006

I've been toying with some rejigging of the way in which milo handles the success and 'post-mortem' of a social event. To help me imagine it, I knocked up a screenshot of what it may look like:

The only new thing here is the idea of there being venue-specific data, that contributes towards how much the event is a success. The idea that I am going for here is that you learn that "Joes bar sucks on a friday" and "a great jazz band play the blue lagoon jazz club on a saturday" etc.
This will allow you to get more involved in planning a good social event. Ideally you will take 3 friends who all like jazz music to a well-recommended bar on the right night.
Now the only reason not to jump into the code right now is I need a nice way to have this kind of flexibility over multiple events. At the moment I am using a randomly determined single variable for the 'quality' of the event. This is adjusted in some cases if you have knowledge of that subject (read a lot of good food guides and you will pick better restaurants etc). Now, what I'm considering is that you will personally pick the venue yourself.
Now in some cases the venue is irrelevant, such as a game of poker at your house. Of course, the quality of your house matters in this case, but what's the best way to handle all this in code? And does this level of detail matter? I think it does, if I'm going to expect people to keep playing the game.
The GUI was too blue. I slapped a green background on to see how that looks. Eventually I'll need to pay a 'consultancy fee' to an art guru to choose that kind of thing.

In other news : I sold my dominos pizza shares and made £100. I rule.

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