Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Practical Basket Weaving
I've done a lot of work on the new 'evening classes' stuff for milo today. Basically it's now a new option, so you can either socialise each night, do something alone, or go to evening classes. The evening classes are going to achieve various things. Learning some stuff will just make milo more cool (like juggling or sword swallowing), others will change things about his life (a car mechanic course means milos car wont break down etc) and others will enable him to get a specific job.
One example I'm attached to is that of acting. Milo could keep scanning the jobs ads for acting jobs, but they will be pretty bad ones. If he attends drama school, he will have a better chance at auditions. If he learns a few foreign languages, martial arts, driving, singing etc, he will have a lot more jobs available.
I'm hoping that if you play the game for a long time, you will end up as a card-playing millionaire playboy who works as a secret agent, speaks 4 languages and keeps a pet tiger, and also is reknown for his extensive knowledge of fine wines. Whereas when you start, you'll be a poorly paid nobody who eats at burger joints and waits tables for a living.

I had an archery lesson yesterday. Pretty good fun, even if the woman teaching it was the most miserable, unhelpful and downright useless teacher I have ever met in my entire life. Still, shooting stuff with a bow is kinda cool.

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