Monday, May 19, 2008

Sprucing up the special activities

I spent today rejigging the graphics for the 'develop theory' and 'investigate' story activities for scientists and journalists. I need to get a lot more stuff like that put into the game. Hopefully I will be more productive tomorrow than today, when i felt like i coasted through it all quite a bit.

Sales have been quite nice recently, 19% higher than last month, which I'm putting down to lots of advertising I've been doing. Hopefully it more profitable, rather than just more revenue for the same profits.

I have so much admin stuff going on regarding the company right now, with so many old publishing deals, so much potential and existing press, and so much tech support and promotion, that there isn't enough time to handle all of it as it should be done.
Ideally I would train up someone to do it all, although I can't see that happening this year, maybe next.

I think I'd like to be a 100% game designer who never wrote code or did business stuff, or a 100% business man who didn't develop the games. Doing both at once means that neither gets done as well as they should be, which is very frustrating.

Just played COD 4 for the first time in a week. Forgot how l33t a game it was for a while :D

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