Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy Day

Today I had to:

Go food shopping (zzzz)
Feed a friends cats
Argue on the phone with British Airways (grrrr)
Do a new patch for Democracy adding voter support, update the demo and full versions, upload them, post on the forums and update the server version check code.
Fix a crash bug in Kudos 2
Add some new text and code so the diary entries for when you have a dog, or a dirty house comment on this fact
Check the code for (and fix it) regarding coming home to a dirty house
Buy two new bark sound effects for the dog.
Chase up a publisher, then recommend a new potential publisher to my agents.
Reply to emails, and deal with website forum posts.
Check the frame rate of the new GUI for Kudos 2 using FRAPS. (seems very fast).
Install and play the Sims 2 for a bit as a way of seeing how it compares to kudos (big and slow, and a bit irritating, but lots of content).
It's only 3.30PM. I have vague plans to do some decorating later.

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