Thursday, May 08, 2008

Behind Schedule

I was planning on releasing some kudos 2 screenshots this week, but it does look unlikely right now. I've wasted some time, got distracted, and basically not got around to it.

When I started work on Kudos 2, I was planning on it being a quick game, targeted squarely at the casual games portals. Now I've really got into it, its turning into quite a major game. It's probably more aimed at the Sims crowd than the 'diner dash' crowd.
I still plan to sell it through portals, so I'm hoping that the finished game will come accross as being really content and feature-rich, in comparison with the normal point and click games on those portals.
Ideally, I'd get them to sell it for $22.95. $19.95 really isn't a good enough price for a game that has so much more in it.
Ho hum.

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