Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fiddling with the Gooey

I knew deep down that the art style of my interface was a bit of a kludge. Basically the character art doesn't look right alongside the dialogue boxes and similar bits.
It clashes.
So today I've been reworking it, making it simpler, cleaner and more line-art cartoon drawn style thing.
I think it's getting better.

last night I went to the theatre, and walked out after 30 minutes because it was BAD. Some people just are no good at what they do. if you play night after night to a near empty theatre and people often walk out, you probably suck.
Know when you are no good at what you do. Switching careers may help. I'm currently on career #3, and doing WAY better at it than career #1 (boatbuilding) and #2 (music).
I'd hate to have retired a penniless, crap boat builder.

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