Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Voter Groups

I've revisited Democracy 2 this weekend. Playing GalCiv 2 reminds me how cool it is when an existing game gets added to and improved to make it better, so I took a look at the Democracy 2 modding forums to see what people would like.
One of the loudest requests is to get moddable Voter Groups.

the game ships with 21 different voter groups, which covers a LOT of ground, but doesn't cover some vital ones such as:
Young People
Ethnic Minorities
Drug users

Modding the actual code to support more voter groups through modded text files is easy. Modding the GUI to seamlessly allow n extra groups where n is a variable isn't.
I think I'm going to stick (for now) with the option of adding in up to 3 extra groups. the game may get unwieldy with more anyway. This has entailed all sorts of fidgety code changes, and I was originally hoping to get a setup where you can add new voter groups entirely without touching the games main data directory, but that is proving tricky.
It's all worth doing anywya, an I'm throwing in a new country (USA) as well.

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