Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ministerial Decisions

Just fiddling with the code for ministers a bit today. I did a playthrough which seemed ok (won the election just about, but I hit the debt ceiling just afterwards and got booted out...), but the ministers are more of an annoyance than a fun element. I came to the conclusion that they must be calculating their loyalty wrong. Basically what they do is have two voter groups whose opinions they acre about, say commuters and socialists. If I treat those groups badly, the minister will be upset, his loyalty will drop, and the amount of 'political capital' I can get from him to further my policies will fall.

The problem is, I had not set the ministers 'calculation mode' right. So they were adding the two groups opinions rather than taking an average. This meant a lot more annoyed ministers than were justified, so it meant less political capital and too many resignations. Hopefully that's all fixed now. Back to playtesting

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