Monday, November 05, 2007

Recruiting Terrorists

I decided to ignore what the game looks like today and concentrate on gameplay. I've tweaked the visuals a lot lately.
Anyway, met all kinds of bugs and problems, mostly fixed, but my main problem was terrorists. The number of people joining the groups was too high (easily tweaked) but the problem is it seemed counter-intuitive.

Lets say you have a green terror group.

As a devoted environmentalist, I may be quite happy, because the govts policies are ok, but as a poor, socialist trade unionist, I may dislike them intensely. So I end up joining a green terror network, to vent my frustration at other issues. Obviously, I join those terror groups too, but that's not the point.
If greens are happy, there shouldn't be gren terrorists, however much the members of the group may have other legit grievances.

So I'm changing it so that each terrorist group has a 'key voter group', and its only open for recruitment if approval within that group drops below X.
That should sort it.

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