Thursday, October 11, 2007

Politics without product placement

So it seems that sim city societies (don't forget this isn't so much maxis now as EA) is now going to include climate change in the design of the game, but for some reason it does so with the help of a real world oil company. here's some blurb:

"Alternatively, players can strive to create a greener environment and avoid hazards caused by excessive carbon emissions by choosing from a variety of BP Alternative Energy low-carbon power options."

WTF? This sounds like some TV-advert that oil companies produce to make themselves appear green. Is BP the one who actually changed their logo to be green?

Amazingly Democracy 2 will feature climate change, carbon taxes and emissions, hybrid fuel cars, bio-fuels and renewable energy, all without needing to take a big suitcase full of cash from an oil company.
Ho hum.

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