Saturday, November 03, 2007

dodgy router

so after a lot of testing, and a visit from a BT engineer, I'm now convinced by D-Link DSL-G624T ADSL router is crap, and generates static line noise that drops its connection and rumbles in my phone line.
So I've ordered a new linksys router/adsl thing. should be here in 3 days.
Grrrrr. ALL ADSL/Routers are CRAP in my experience. they just DIE.

Someone make a reliable ADSL router. every existing one sucks. Charge twice as much for it. people will buy it. we are all sick of buying cheap disposable crappy electronics with a 6 month lif expectancy.
You get what you pay for. Never be afraid to make a better product and charge more, whether its a phone, a TV, a leather chair, a computer game or a pizza.
Grr, it even died during this blog post....

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