Thursday, November 01, 2007

Spending boasts

Check this out:
lots of boasts about how much money is being spent. People do this a lot in the Uk. often when you see roadworks there is a sign that says "new £4.2 million underpass project". This bugs me. It's like the more money that is spent, the happier they are. Lots of politicians boast about how much public money is spent on X, where more == good.
More is NOT good when you spend MY money. Less is good. Tell me how much better the health service is despite reductions in the amount you spend. Don't boast about what things cost unless you are boasting about how little they cost.
They same is true in the private sector. I care not how much your Movie / TV series or game cost to make. This does not affect me. What matters is how good it is. I don't care if Call Of Duty 4 costs $4 million or $4, but i *do* care how good it is.
People should stop boasting about costs, and start boasting about efficiency and quality.

By the way, my games are made by one full time and a few part time people and do not cost much to make. They are still awesome :D.

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