Friday, October 19, 2007

Todays Fix List

So far:
  • Fixed formatting for the insufficient political control dialog
  • Fixed starting debt being too high for one mission
  • Fixed accidental code typo in the global economy calculations
  • Fixed backwards equation for celebrity endorsement event
  • Fixed Typo in Banning same-sex marriage policy
  • Increased effect of GDP on immigration, and immigration on racial tension
  • Fixed corrupted icon for tourism booms
  • Added a negative effect on patriots when an oil pipeline gets attacked
  • Added new effects to stem cell research so they influence the high and low technology situations, and tweaked their numbers too

I guess it might be cool to add a human cloning policy too? There is so much that *could* be added.

in other news, the postal strike is delaying my artists getting paid, which is delaying the first proper screen-shots. bah.
The game is definitely coming together though. I'm *fairly* sure the bulk of the save game code is ok, although it's always a nightmare with a game this complex. I have lots of play testing to do still, the website to do, plus demo upsell stuff, tutorials etc, and mod support.

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