Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Run up to nottingham

So... Friday night I'll be in nottingham for meet-up of UK indies at GameCity. Should be interesting, having never actually met anyone else doing what I do. This means it's a legit business trip, fully on expenses, and tax deductible, which is cool. Because the UK rail system is fucked up, I'll be going by first class train ticket, which was CHEAPER than a standard class ticket. yay for internet rail bookings.

It also means I'll get no work done friday, and then I'm away for two days elsewhere to celebrate? being 38. Wow. still 2 years to become rich before I'm the dreaded 40.

I'm currently working on the tutorial for Democracy 2, although its more a case of hint windows than a fixed tutorial, which i may do separately in some form. I have much play balancing to do, and some artwork to integrate when I get the full stuff, and from then on I can do early screen shots and a very basic website to start building interest.

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