Sunday, July 23, 2006

Royalties Good, Plimus Not Good

Today I got told that sales of Starship Tycoon in Russia have exceeded the royalty advance and I got my first (small) royalty check. W00t. I have 2 products with the same publisher, one is paid-off (advance recouped) one has not (yet). What record companies (and some dodgy publishers) will do, is to offset one against the other. So if product A has lost $700 and product B has made $450 proft, you get nothing. This is a cunning trick, often buried deep in contracts. Thankfully the russian publishers are good guys, and don't do this. Hurrah!
But on the other hand, my credit card processor of choice ( have their vendor site "down for a few minutes for scheduled maintenence"
1) if its scheduled, why didn't they tell me?
2) How is over an hour "a few minutes"
3) Answer your emails and phonecalls.
I strongly suspect that I'm missing (or at least backlogging) orders right now, and there is sod all I can do about it. I DO have an account with regnow, which I hardly ever use, but its 5 minutes with some html to swap Democracy to use RegNow, and maybe 30 mins of my time to start selling Kudos there.
Plimus better hurry up if they want to keep my business.

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