Friday, July 14, 2006

Patching and fixing

As is always the case, there are some release bugs. I'm fixing them now, some are already fixed in fact. The bad ones are:

1) starting a new game, then starting another one can cause all kinds of minor problems, and in rare cases, a crash bug. If you quit the app then restart it, they all go away.

2)the tutorial would loop (that's fixed) under some situations

3)the debugdata directory wasn't created, and this might be why some users are having crashes in certain places, especially if they are limited users on XP or 2000.

I'm going through the game fixing stuff like this right now, and generally looking for places where similar bugs may be. I'll release a proper patch this time, possibly later today, but I'd rather catch everything in one patch than keep releasing little things.

I also added a new background and avatar, which you should be able to download from within the full copy.
Thanks to everyone who bought it so far btw.

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