Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kudos is in Beta

After 6 and a half months of work, Kudos is now declared to be in 'Beta', which means a few other people have played it, and I've sent out evaluation copies to some selected retail publishers.
I've already had some good feedback, and fixed a few silly things. Now I've got the long arduous task of ensuring the game is as bug-free as possible. Once I have a better build I'm happier with, I might consider extending the beta test a bit before I declare it done.

This also means that I am at the fairly fun stage where I can add in some extra content without having to think about it too much. It won't introduce any bugs or playtesting issues for me to have a few more character icons in there now, nor will it matter if I include a few more books for the game, etc etc. I'll probably do some content-creation in-between the bug testing.
I'm quite happy with how it looks and plays, so here's hoping it sells as well as Democracy. I hope it does, because I'd love to keep expanding it and adding to it, which I can only justify doing time-wise, if it sells well.

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