Wednesday, July 19, 2006

MAC Democracy, Kudos feedback, Castro...

Wow its all happening. The MAC port of Democracy is done and the games on sale for mac users through redmarble games. hurrah! heres the link:
So thats cool :D

Feedback to Kudos from players is pretty good, a few people have bugs, but not the vast majority, and I think I've only got 2 issues, an openAudio conflict with some nvidia drivers, and a save game crash I'll investigate today.

Last night to celebrate launching the game, I went to see a play at richmond theatre (yes, we spell it theatre) called 'killing castro'. Its about CIA operatives planning how to assasinate Fidel castro in the sixties. Its extremely funny. The play was a single office room with 4 actors. Funnily enough, I enjoyed it much better than most blockbuster movies. I have little doubt that many of the people who mocked Kudos on web forums would have thought the play 'sucked' because it didnt cost more to make or have hundreds of people in it. Ho Hum.

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