Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I was miserable today and bought an MMORPG to cheer myself up - Guild Wars.
What a pile of 3rd rate crap. Itrs not really an MMORPG, all the 'dungeons' are 'instanced' which means you are just connecting online to play a simple repetitive pointless game of click and kill with a bunch of NPC henchmen, because everyone else is talking in l33t speak and you dont understand what the fuck they are talking about. No role playing, no immersion, nothing.
So I try to sell it.
You can't.
Thats just being fucking pathetic. There is no free demo, fuck all in the way of fun to be had, and fuck all chance of getting your money back.
Thats the last 'triple A' pile of shit I buy till spore comes out, and I'm waiting for a demo there.
I can't believe so many people play such a tedious game, and I regret them earning a penny from me.
Kudos is in the long deathmarch of playtest -> fix, playtest -> fix repeat etc.

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