Saturday, July 22, 2006

40 GIG a day?

My normal bandwidth is 500 meg a day to 700 meg a day. When Kudos first got released that jumped to around 5-6 gig a day. Yesterday it hit 40 gig. Thats a LOT of bandwidth, and around 5,000 downloads of the kudos demo. My once lofty limit of 100 gig/month now seems dangerously puny, and I'm frantically setting up a fileburst account as I speak.
I've also been working like a maniac to correct the bugs people have found. On the whole, it's been pretty stable, a few minor issues were tracked to external drivers and software, and the few big silly bugs of mine have now been fixed. However, I've released SIX patches since release and there will be a (largely cosmetic) seventh one tommorow.
But, on the flipside, feedback, reviews and sales have all been pretty good, which is a relief. Nothing like the feeling of relaxation knowing you probably didn't waste 7 months on a game nobody would like. I've also been negotiating with publishers, handling PR and download site submission, and giving a radio interview for Austrian news. All in the hottest week in the UK in recorded history.
I need a break!

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