Monday, July 17, 2006

Official Release Today, hurrah

Phew, so Kudos is released today properly, although its now version 1.03. Some more bugs got reported (and fixed). No doubt there will be another patch in due course, once I have enough feedback from people on what they want changing and fixing. I'll also endeavour to add a few more avatars to the game in the next few weeks. I got kudos featured under 'oddball' in this months PC Gamer. yay!

So today is email day, I've sent out the mailing list email, contacted a few sites I know well, and am waiting for reponses from the press release that goes out once Joes awake :D
I also spruced up the kudos website slightly, as it was a bit dark and serious looking. I should probably endeavour to do more there.
Todays a bit tense because we have another new cat, this ones called Jack Sparrow, an 8 week old kitten. Despite the size difference between him and my primary cat (Jadzia) being like the defiant and a borg cube, she is still scared of him. Bah. I must take some kitten pictures...

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