Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nine patches?

Ok, so there are going to be NINE patches for kudos. Eight have been released, and I'm working on the ninth right now. That makes it sound buggy, but it wasn't that bad, it's just that I released a patch every time I fixed a group of little bugs, so the releases were happening maybe every day. The patches all include all previous ones, so its not much hassle for users.

One change I'm toying with is allowing the player to take two actions on weekend days, instead of one, and maybe also have this apply to sick days, or to unemployed days. That's been popular with the players, but I'm slightly wary of it affecting game balance, and more wary of it causing some obscure technical issue I haven't thought through yet. Maybe I should release a beta version of that and have some people give feedback on the change...

Apart from patching Kudos, and doing some promotion for the game, I've also been taking very early stages towards the next game. I won't get really stuck into it for a long time, as I'll be doing extra content and support for Kudos for quite a while, but it's good to have a very basic framework up and running so I can do the odd day on it now and then.

Kudos sales seem pretty good, about the same as Democracy's was just after it was released, so it looks like I have a stable means of paying my bills, if not a path to mega riches.

I've got back into Galactic Civilisations 2 big time.

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