Monday, July 31, 2006


So far I've only done very limited google adwords advertising for Kudos. I've been relying on press releases, download-site submissions, and quite a large number of reviews and other mentions.
Now it's time to start doing regular advertising...
Right now, my two initial targets are and These are sites that are aimed at pretty much the right market for me, but they won't do the job on their own. I'll need to find some sites that are a good mix for a turn-based life sim, ideally not just pure gaming sites, but more 'lifestyle' aimed sites. I haven't picked any yet, but suggestions are most welcome. Preferably ones that take small advertisers seriously.

I have my lovely flash banner done (by the guy who did the Democracy one), which you can see here:

I achieved my first month kudos sales target, so my line manager (me) has awarded me a bonus sufficient to fund a spanking new iiyama flatscreen monitor. It will be so good to replace the creaking old iiyama flatscreen monitor I currently use. I'm not sure what an 8ms response time means, but it sounds pretty l33t.

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