Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TV, tweaking more sounds and mice

Got lots done today.
I took my intellimouse explorer to bits and cleaned it. yay, I have a scrollwheel again!
I playtested and tweaked Kudos a bit, the top medical jobs werent stressfull enough or hard enough to get...
Also, I thought the game lacked sounds, so I've added a bunch of new sounds to certain events, which is better. I'd add tons more, its just balancing out the expense of licensing them against the impact they have on the game.
I added a new TV channel:

And I've changed things so that some channels are unselectable until you subscribe to cable TV. I need some more stuff like that which eats into higher-paid jobs.
I also fixed a hrrid crash bug, and also found out I wasnt sabving job data, which is now fixed.
Plus I paid in some smallish royalty checks. hurrah! Im still thinking there will be a playable build in a week or two, a beta version a week or two later, then it should be on sale by probably august?
Who knows!

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