Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kudos update

I'm now at the stage where I only add a feature or content if I do a long playthrough of the game and decide somethings missing. So far that's been the reason for me to add some complexity to the jobs in the 'chef' career, so you now progress from trainee up to executive through all the correctly-named jobs. I also added restaurants where you need to speak french or italian to get the best jobs. Plus theres books that teach you french and people skills (essential for management jobs).

Also today I added archery to the game. It might be weird to put archery in and not fishing (yet), but I do archery myself, and its my game. bwahahahahahah!

still lots of play balancing, polishing and mod-support code to go in, plus bugfixing. But the games pretty stable, and I'm not worried about hitting my current target of releasing in august. Bizzarely I didn't sell any games last night, after a recent rush of high sales. oh well.

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