Friday, June 09, 2006

Publishers, Interviews and forum mistakes

Holy crap is it friday already? This has been a damned productive week. Im not at the really long playthrough stage. I had a hideous bug today which depressed me, but wahey its fixed!
In other news I added another sound effect, a nice clunky tpewriter thing for when you write a screenplay.

I also started work on the internet-connectivity stuff for kudos. Democracy has a simpler version of it, but this one is going to need your Plimus order number to access stuff. Thats as an incentive to stop all the thieveing leeching selfish scumbag assholes who try to pirate games.
I'm at the preliminary talking to publishers stage regarding Kudos. I try not to get my hopes up, especially as the US publisher for one of my older games STILL owes me money and hasn't paid up yet. Ironically the Russians always pay on time and without fail, whereas the American publishers always seem disorganised and far more shady. I wouldn't be suprised if kudos goes retail in Russia and nowhere else.
Anyway, who gives a damn, my main focus is direct online sales to the kind of people who liked Democracy. Is it too early for me to think about banner ads? hmmmm who knows. maybe another week before I worry about such things.

I did this long long interview thingy over skype for an indie podcast site a few days ago, it was a good end to a bad day when I completely toasted my own forums in a l4m3 attempt to upgrade them.

I also finally booked a 30 minute tiger moth biplane flight today, which is a birthday present thats been gathering dust. should be great fun.

I'm sure the world cup is great if you like football, but I'm no fan, and I'm already sick of it. bah!

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