Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lovely Lux

I like Dustin. He has a great game under his belt (the wonderful Lux), he supports it very well, has improved and modified it over the years, and built up a superb thriving community. His blog tells you everything you need to know. He lives in Canada (fantastic place), and he's smiling in his blog profile picture.
I live in the UK, and I'm brandishing a dagger in mine.
That tells you everything you need to know about the quality of life in those two countries.
I know dustin is doing the sensible thing by continuing to work on Lux, expand it with new versions etc. A sensible business person would have done an expansion pack for Democracy right away. (I may do that next, who knows). However, it would be interesting to see what he does next, if he gets tired of Lux.

I'm doing save/load code for Kudos. I think that even september might be a far off release date. It could come out before then at this rate. This is weird. games get put back right? I'll still be working on it in December regardless, adding to it, improving and tweaking based on user feedback.

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