Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't buy retail

If you have the option to buy direct online, PLEASE don't buy retail games, you are only stopping th developer getting their money. Why would you go to a store, pay money to park, wait in a queue, just to get a copy-protected DVD you can lose anyway?
I've done a fair few retail deals over the years. Some worked out ok (Thanks Akella!), some turned out just to be criminals (who never paid me a penny) and some turned out to be half way between (Thanks for the advance, but no thanks for the royalty fiddle guys).
I'd guess on average that a developer earns 3-4 times as much (at least) from a direct sale as he does from a publisher sale. He also gets your email, which means he can verify its a legit copy and provide tech support and updates appropriately.
Retail is a crzy way to buy games. I've lost my Rise Of nations CD, which means im totally screwed, yet if I wanted to, I could fire up steam and re-download my Half Life 2 copy and play it again.
Online direct sales ftw!

I'm getting into a really good playtest -> fix bugs cycle each day with kudos. It's looking to be a fun game.

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