Monday, May 29, 2006

Welcome Danes

I've had a small rush of sales to Denmark, thank's to the mention in a danish newspaper. Unfortunately, I don't speak danish or know of a free translator, so I don't know what was said, but it must be good.
Anyway, it makes for a welcome boost in sales.
I spent some time looking at the starship tycoon code trying to fix a bug. This is NOT fun, as that code is old and *not very good*. The code for Kudos is lightyears ahead of it, and to be honest, debugging kudos in the event of people finding any problems will be an absolute pleasure in comparison.
I'm currently adding some 'special events' to the game. These are things like 'Book Launches' that you are only invited to once you meet certain criteria.
That should then be it gameplay-wise, from then on it's adding content, tweaking, bug fixing and getting ready to release the thing. That should take me a few months though. I also need to get some integrated moddability done too.

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