Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Culture

After a long playthrough this morning I changed two things
1) I made all the jobs that dont give tips pay a lot more, as everything felt like a demotion after giving up being a waiter...
2) I split culture into 3 bits. I already did this with IQ, which is made up of Logic,Reasoning,Problem-solving and knowledge. You have to max all of them to get IQ to 100%. I did the same to culture because it was suffering from the same issues, in that you could become suddenly very cultured and respected just by reading books, even though you never went to the theater or opera etc. Now yow you will need to watch some cultured TV, read some literature and attend some operas and ballets etc before you truly become 100% cultured.

I know that this is very arbitrary and simplistic. Welcome to game dev. Obviously not all *culture* is opera and museums, but its a gameplay mechanic that works, and kind of makes sense :D
ooh... 'the office' is on TV. and as it's set in slough, I must watch it...

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