Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fed up with liars conmen and thieves

Like the US publishers of Starship Tycoon, who have given me the run-around for 6 months over a paltry $5k and god knows what else (as they now fail to even send royalty reports).
Fuck them.
I've spoken to someone in the UK office and emailed every address I have at that company telling them to pay their bills before I just hand it off to a fucking lawyer or a debt collector.
Retail publishers are (mostly) a bunch of lying, stealing scumbags not fit to walk on this earth. The sooner digital distribution picks up and the lot of them go out of business the better. They can all go back to mugging old ladies then.

In other news, Kudos got a bunch more sound effects, some visual tweaks and a bit of proper play balancing today.
I love making games, I hate dealing with thieveing scum who run big business.

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