Friday, April 28, 2006

Features! Features!

Theres so much in kudos in only 4 months that I worry for the sanity of me debugging it if I work another 6 on it. I think I may well be heading for an earlier than expected release. Maybe August or September?
Anyway recent additions include a new TV channel (cookery) some new sounds for your pet cat, the finishing off of the videogame mini-game, and some small bugfixes.
I dropped Karma. This was going to be a good-or-evil dilemmas related thing, but it wasn't neccesary and just cluttered the design. Plenty of games (too many?) have done the whole good/evil bit already.
I've still got to do lots of long term playtesting, and ensure that there are lots of obvious changes and new features as you play. Because I know what's in the game, I know how to play it to trigger stuff, so it's hard to be impartial about that.

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