Thursday, April 20, 2006

Q&A plus Starship Tycoon 2?

Theres a lovely Q&A with moi on my fave indie game site: which talks about Kudos quite a bit. I added some TV channels to the game yesterday, and allowed people to turn down a social invite because they don't have enough money. You can now pay for people to come and socialise with you. I need to code some stuff to engineer totally false friendships where people hang out with you because your generous, and pretend to like you.
A post of my forums, combined with 2 sales of Starship Tycoon today (its normally maybe 2 every 3 days or similar) is making me revisit in my mind the possibility of doing a sequel. ST sold very well in shops, but as you need to shift 30,000,000,000 units to actually make money from retail, thats pretty irrelevant. I reckon a done-from-scratch souped up ST2 with all my l33t new coding and design skills could sell well, and I reckon I could do it in 8 months? I already have a design for a totally original unusual game that I was planning to do post-kudos, but I'm tempted by the ease with which I could design a Starship Tycoon sequel.
I have lots to do, Kudos is good but needs more content, more features, and a ton of balancing, bugfixing, tweaking and finishing.

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