Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Skills for NPC

Some new stuff yesterday and today for Kudos:
I put in a pre-game 'config' screen where you can fiddle with 3 attributes for your character before you start. These are 'wealth' 'iq' and 'culture' . So you can start out as a penniless but cultured person, or a wealthy but poorly educated person, or whatever mix of the three you like.
Then, there is the new code for 'game' activities which currently include:
With these activities, you can win or lose, and therefore, you can gain in confidence by beating people. Obviously to do that you need to develop some skill, so you need to play lots of tennis (against everyone you know), then the day before your big job interview you make sure to play against someone you don't play often. That way you win, your confidence notches up a bit and you get that cool job.


Actually coding it was a pain because NPCs didnt have skills until now, and I need to do relative skill assesment to decide who wins ;(

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