Tuesday, April 18, 2006

French Speaking Intelligensia

Several new things have gone in lately.
French-speaking people are more likely to get a good table at a French restuarant, even when it's busy, also I subdivided IQ. previously there were several things that contributed to IQ, but they did so in the same way. So sit and do crosswords all day, and your IQ went up, ditto sudoku.
Now I have IQ made up of reasoning, knowledge, problem solving and logic. You will need to combine reading, watching intelligent TV, talking with clever people, and doing puzzles to achieve the high IQ that you will need when you work on your revolutionary new scientific theory.
There is a lot of press interest in Kudos, which is a very nice suprise. I guess its good to have something to write about that isn't the same old genre.
Having said that, I'm thoroughly enjoying Call of Duty 2 right now.
Im heavily distracted by holidays right now, but from the end of April through to September will be 100% crunch on Kudos. I may be hoping to release early than October at this rate, although I'll probably continue to patch and refine it for the whole years.
I sure hope it sells.

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