Monday, April 10, 2006

E = MC Hammer
I love that as an equation. Sadly if I put it in the game I know a lot of lawyers will pounce on me. This is sad, as I'm sure any sane person would think that this was hardly a put down of MC Hammer, and if anything, he would probably benefit from the name recognition. Sadly lawyers have no interest in actually making a company do well, just saying *no* to absolutely everything.
There will be no segways in Kudos. I emailed the makers of segway and asked them for permission. Apparently they couldn't even be arsed to reply by email with *no*.
So fuck em.
Anyway, I'm adding science theories and songwriting today. These are 2 new solo activities your character can do once you have a lot of music or science experience. (yes I'm adding scriptwriting too). I haven't really tried to do any silly theory names yet, but I was quite taken by E= MC Hammer.

E = MCH4 MM3R?

I'll have to sneak my wifes phd title in there too.

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