Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Publicity, progress, overweight avatars
Getting tons done... The game is coming along great. I released a few screenshots unto the net, showing what Kudos looks like these days. Hopefully I'll be arranging the odd preview in the next month. The game is really coming together, which is welcome as it co-incides with a slight sales dip for Democracy.
My bank balance isnt too bad thanks to high Xmas sales, so what the hell, I'm going to buy my own 'trainer bow' and accessories. I miss archery!

Codewise I've added some more classic books, and redone one of the avatars to look less cliched and sexy. The default poses for women in poser 6 are a joke. I don't know any woman whose default standing pose makes her look like a stripper. Maybe I don't know those kind of women?

Does anyone know an easy way to make clothed people fat in Poser 6? if so, PLEASE tell me. I think Poser 6 is good in many ways, but the lack of variety for the models, and their clothes is severely limiting. If you are a 3D MAX artist with time to kill, knock up some conforming clothes and hat props for poser 6, and bung them up for sale at $2-3 each. You will make a fortune. Its insane that there isn't a huge market for this.

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