Tuesday, April 25, 2006

None Shall Pass

Not what you want to see when on a public footpath...
Needless to say it didn't move, and we had to hurl ourselves through barbed wire as it charged at one point. But thats what holidays are all about right?
So 3 days off, and it's back into KUDOS. Luckily my sales picked up a bit over the weekend, and I even found time yesterday to do a small patch for Starship Tycoon that fixes some minor bugs. It would be a huge task, but I'm still considering doing a sequel.
Todays new kudos code relates to your friends feeling in your debt if you pay for them at restaurants etc. They will repay the debt whenever they invite you somewhere you cant afford, although that's currently unusual as your friends wealth is related clsoely to your own. Much work and tweaking lies ahead.

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