Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Various Bits
It's good to see Cas is doing well with 'Titan Attacks'. I knew it would sell well. I wish my own game designs were so straightforward.
I've been panicking a bit as I rapidly rejigged bits of the Kudos interface, and I just rejigged some more of it tonight. It comes mainly from talking about the game with other real people. Always a help there. I also redid the games very brief website in order to reflect the changes a bit. I'm still not planning on updating the screenshots yet. My new look is very different to what's shown, but I'm not putting them up until I'm certain that's the look I'm sticking with
Democracy sales have flattened for a few days. A bit worrying, as that's what's paying for this game to be made.
However, today I learned that GalCiv2 cost $900,000 to make, so I don't feel so bad about my efforts now :D

hmmm. There's some silly program on BBC2 about business right now. It's not the apprentice, but its full of macho guys saying swear words to each other. Personally, these days I'm more convinced by the Mark H McCormack style of doing business. All this yelling into phones and being aggressive is just a bit tragic.

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