Thursday, March 23, 2006

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"The thing that worries me about being a "named" game designer is there aren't any new designers popping their heads up. I mean, everybody's going to get pretty sick of us as we fade into our 50s."

Indeed. But when companies do zero to promote anyone other than the 'rockstar' game designer, this is bound to happen. Once people see their ideas credited to someone else, they usually have the sense to bugger off and start their own companies. I was even given looks of genuine puzzlement when I suggested the company should promote a few up and coming employees as well as their dear leader.

If you want to earn respect as a game designer, learn to code. Anyone who harbours fantasies of working at a famous studio and getting to make their own games one day is just daydreaming.
And don't expect anyone else to promote your name above "development asset #554".
Everyone in the industry slags of Derek Smart. Personally, I think he has the right idea. He says what he thinks, and he makes damn sure he gets the credit for what he does.
Good for Derek.

Got loads done today. You can catch a cold if you go jogging in the rain and your not fit. You sneeze when you have a cold, I re-wrote the jobs system to be grouped into industry categories and allowed you to browse unavailable jobs. There are also jobs restricted by Culture, IQ and Kudos now. I also added the ability to go bowling, and did some bug fixing and speedups.

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