Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Getting into the swing of it
Todays new code:
Draggable windows, pretty trivial to do, and neccesary for comparing your friends interests
Some new interests got added
Dogs howl on a full moon. (My wife insists they dont do this, but I think its cool)
An overhaul of the social event 'post mortem' to get more accurate feedback on how it went. I'm almost at the point where people say "I chatted to Dave about holidays all evening" or similar.

One change I'm making right now is for interests to have a variable boost to chemistry. So, if its a generic thing like 'Sport', its kind of nice to meet other 'sport' lovers. But if its more specific such as 'hockey', then if you introduce me to a fellow hockey lover, thats much better.
I don't have granularity of interests, you either like hockey or you don't. I don't want things getting too granular, that leads to the kind of code in Democracy (play-balance hell).

A highly productive day today, even allowing for a walk to the shops and back. One thing about archery is it makes you realise if you have a belly or not, and that was enough to dissuade me from buying donuts...

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