Monday, March 13, 2006

Slow but steady Progress

I added various new things to kudos today and yesterday. There is now an avatar selection screen where you can pick what your character looks like. The woman is on the left. There will be maybe half a dozen by the time I ship it.
Also, I added some complexity to the commuting stuff so it bores you if its a long trip (unless you buy an mp3 player to listen to bwahahaha)
Right now I'm editing the job rejection stuff, so you get told you failed the interview because you were tired, or lacking confidence or maybe even drunk.

Today I saw someone who did an indie puzzle game trying to sell the business because it didn't make its money back. Rule #1 don't spend $4k on your first game. Rule #2 Stick with it. My first game didn't make much either.

hmmm. malcolm gladwell is on 'Richard and Judy'. Thus I have accidentally turned out to have read a book on the 'Richard and Judy book club'. Bah
(its like oprah).

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